We at Hope Hall believe that each child is a very capable learner, and that our first responsibility as educators is to provide them with the time and the environment that will foster both academic and social growth and excellence in learning for them.

We see our parents/guardians as vital partners in this learning endeavor. Each child is the third part of this partnership, and the base for all of our work together. When a child sees and understands that we are all using the same strategies, that we are all working from the same expectations, that we are connected in our belief in his/her potential and are working together to help that potential to flourish, then that child will become more willing to do what is necessary to take the risks associated with learning, and expend the effort needed to do the work.

The Hope Hall PTSO (Parent Student Teacher Organization) is similar to a support group for parents and teachers, providing opportunities for face-to-face meetings with teachers and parents, grandparents, guardians.The PTSO holds several meetings throughout the school year where families may come to get information about the school and upcoming events. Workshops are provided to give training and support to parents, grandparents, and guardians for dealing with learning problems as they impact the child and family at home. Additional small group meetings are planned throughout the year.

The PTSO also plans and hosts several events for the students and their families throughout the school year.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer as chairpersons for any of our fundraising events.

PTSO Activities

September Entertainment Book Sale
November Family Activity and Game Night
December Pointsettia Sale, Cookie Dough Sale
March Family Activity and Game Night