Cheyenne Miller, Hope Hall Student, Highlighted on WHEC Channel 10 News

11th grade Hope Hall student, Cheyenne Miller, was featured on WHEC Channel 10 News for her “Do The Right Thing Award” received on June 7, 2018. Cheyenne’s outstanding citizenship and acts of kindness were honored by the Monroe County and Rochester Police Department through this award. Her bus driver of 3 years, Ms. Sara Gillard, nominated Cheyenne for this special award because she acts as a role model to her peers. Cheyenne commends her peers when they act in a respectful, professional manner and will politely address bullying and unprofessional behavior with her classmates one-on-one.

Cheyenne takes a firm stand against bullying and demonstrates daily acts of kindness towards others. Despite her personal struggles at home and in school, Cheyenne has transformed into an exemplary student and model citizen. In her free time, Cheyenne enjoys drawing, painting, listening to music, and going on adventures with friends. We are very proud to have Cheyenne as a student and soon-to-be alumna in June 2019.

See the video feature of Cheyenne on WHEC Channel 10 News here.