Students Discover New Books at a “Book Tasting”

The students in Mrs. Sherron’s class got to “sample” a variety of genres of literature when she hosted a “Book Tasting.”

Each desk in the room was decked out with a red and white checkered table cloth, a little LED tea light, a menu of reading delights, and an assortment of books in that genre, including non-fiction, poetry, historical fiction, autobiography, realistic fiction, science fiction, mystery, and folktale. On each desk, students found a variety of books “on the menu” in that category. After sampling a book or two, the students could decide to either stay and continue reading, or move on to another genre and selection.

“What was really fun,” said Mrs. Sherron, “Is that many commented on the fact that they discovered types of books they’d never explored before! The activity was so popular that they asked to do it again soon.”