Community Connection During COVID-19
Community Connection During COVID-19

For the safety of the entire Hope Hall Community, the school closed it’s doors for instruction purposes effective March 16, 2020. Along with schools across New York State, we finished the 2019-2020 school year remotely.

During Summer 2020, a Re-Opening Task Force is working diligently to plan for the 2020-2021 school year

This page serves as a resource to our community. Please follow us on social media and check back here frequently for updates.

Parent & Guardian Updates:

All updates are sent via e-mail through our Praxi system. Key information is housed on our website for reference. Please contact your child’s teacher directly for clarification or further details.

Reopening parent letter 7.31.20

Hope Hall Reopening Plans for 2020

7-16-20 Parent Guardian Update

5-8-20 Parent Guardian Update

4-17-20 Parent Guardian Update

Prom letter 4-20-20

Spring Break_Parent and Guardian Update- 4-1-20

4-13-20 Parent Guardian Update

Parent Letter_Online Learning 3-24-20

Parents and Guardians Update Letter 3-16-20


On-line Learning with Classflow:

On Monday, March 30, 2020, Hope Hall teachers launched classroom specific distance learning pages. These pages will be updated regularly and include a variety of resources customized to meet the unique learning needs of Hope Hall students.

For information on how to log-in to your student accounts, click here


Community Resources:

March 31, 2020 Counseling Office Message

Parent Resources P. 1

National Parent Hotline: 1-855-427-2736

Virtual Community Meetings

We are pleased to be able to offer “Community Meetings” on-line for students. This is a great opportunity to show families what Community is all about. Check back as we will have at least two “meetings” each week during the school year until we can meet again in person.

Faculty & Teacher Communications & Classroom Resources:

Hope Hall Video Challenges

Mindful Breathing  from Ms. Eaker

Practicing mindful breathing can help individuals maintain physical and mental wellness (i.e. reduce stress and anxiety, support with regulating emotions, etc.). Ms. Eaker demonstrates several breathing techniques in the following links/videos.

The Four M’s of Mental Health from Ms. Eaker & Ms. Butler

Movement Activites for kids at home- 3-24-20

Mindfulness Resource for Families # 2

Mastery Resource for Families- 3rd M

Meaningful Engagement- #4

A Fun Activity from Ms. Butler:

COVID19-TIME-CAPSULE-3.pdf 04-7-2020

Ms. Hauser’s Hello:

Mr. House’s Music Activities:

Here’s a fun activity for when you’re making breakfast, lunch, and dinner – turn it into a song with your family! Here are some easy rhythms to speak or clap to go with your meals and snacks.

Ms. Richardson’s Review:

Mrs. Sherron’s  Virtual Book Club:

Mr. Ture’s Art Warm-Ups:



A Message from Mrs. Weet: