Homework Club
Homework Club

Homework Club has become a lot more than just a time to catch up on homework. It has become a small community that directly represents what Hope Hall is to its core. Connecting children to healthy options after school plays an integral role in their learning.

At Hope Hall, a full belly is not something our students have to worry about. In past years, Homework Clubbers had different snacks through donations, but something seemed to be missing. Many of these kids hadn’t eaten since lunch and that could have been 3-4 hours prior, depending on their grade. Mrs. George and Ms. Frank to revamp
what Hope Hall was offering.

When snack time hits, the students make sure there is enough seating at the table, take turns making sure we have everything we need for our snack such as plastic ware, plates and napkins. Everyone gathers at the same table for snack and conversation while snack is being prepped and ready to serve. The students are expanding their community through connecting with others they may not see throughout the school day.They take turns discussing what they are eating, how it is healthy and what food groups the ingredients belong to.

Here is what some of our students had to say when asked about Homework Club…

“You guys feed me when I’m hungry and you guys take care of me really well so I can save money for the Walk for Hope” ~ Sam, Grade 7

“I like the crepes and one more thing – I like spending time with you guys. You guys are like a family to me!” ~Janiyah, Grade 3

“I think it is good that we spend time together and we eat and talk. The other thing is we get a snack. Some people, they get hungry and can’t wait to get home to eat food, so we get a snack here and the food is healthy” ~ “T”, Grade 9