October Newsletter: On the Quality of Goodness
October Newsletter: On the Quality of Goodness

In October’s newsletter, Sister Diana writes about the quality of Goodness, expressing her concern that the recent focus on “What’s good for me,” has replaced a focus on goodness and an interest in what’s good for the community and society at large.

She asserts, “A firm, unshakable belief in the value and dignity of each person and every life is something that I think is part of Goodness. We adults must acquire and practice this ourselves if we ever expect our children to learn it from us. They will never learn it from watching TV or social media. In fact, the norm that our children are exposed to over and over again is exactly the opposite.

This issue also covers:

  • Hope Hall Student Jaedan Booker’s Big Hit at the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester
  • An opportunity to “meet” Hope Hall’s new faculty and staff members
  • A photo collage of the first day of school activities
  • Hope Hall Alumni Success Stories featuring Ava Hayes, Aaron Jeffers and Isabelle McCown
  • Laying Hunger to Rest at Alvah Halloran & Son Funeral Home
  • The Hope Hall Tradition of Burying the “I Cant’s”


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