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Taken from our 2021-2022 Parent Guide Book, this section provides important information that Hope Hall parents and caregivers need to know.


Communication between school and home is extremely important. To help make this communication easier, we use a MONDAY COMMUNICATION FOLDER SYSTEM.

Each Monday a COMMUNICATION FOLDER will be sent home to your family.

In the folder you will find:

  • Weekly grades (from the work done the previous week)
  • Some of your child’s work from the previous week.
  • Communication from Sr. Diana, your child’s teachers, the PTSO, etc.
  • Lunch Order Menu (once each month)
  • The Newsletter for the month, and the calendar for the month (sent home on the first Monday of the month)

It is extremely important that you take everything out of the FOLDER and read it. Place any papers that need to be signed and returned to school back in the FOLDER. Any notes, absence excuses etc. that you want to send to teachers or staff can also be returned in the FOLDER.

Materials that are for you to keep can be filed in your parent handbook.


If school is closed on a Monday, you can expect the COMMUNICATION FOLDER on the first day we are in school that week. Please sign and return it the following day.

Dress Code Policy

The purpose of the dress code is to help students look professional as competent learners. When students wear play clothes to school, it detracts from the focus of learning. This official dress code for Hope Hall was discussed and approved at a meeting of parents and students. Our school colors are Teal and Black.