Parking Lot Parade, Saturday May 2nd
Parking Lot Parade, Saturday May 2nd

Join Us!

Staying connected as a community is something that Hope Hall takes pride in. The current state of the world is having us come up with creative ways to keep that connection. One way we are doing so is with a Parking Lot Parade on Saturday, May 2nd from 2pm-3pm,

Faculty and Staff will gather in the Hope Hall parking lot in their cars to host the “Parking Lot Parade!” We invite families to come with your students and drive through the parade, remaining in your cars so we can see our students and be connected, even if we are 6 feet apart. There will be staff members directing the line of traffic through the parking lot. Please continue driving through at a steady pace so that everyone has a chance to see each other and enjoy each other while practicing social distancing. For those of you who can’t attend the parade in person, we will be live streaming the event on Facebook.

For more details, check out our Facebook Parking Lot Parade Event

Looking forward to seeing our students and families Saturday, May 2nd.