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Two Hope Hall students at work

Policies and Procedures

Snow Emergency Information:

    1. Hope Hall will be closed if the Rochester City School District has closed.
    2. Hope Hall will be closed if the Gates-Chili Schools are closed.
    3. If your home school district is closed they will not send a bus for your child.
    4. If your area is experiencing bad weather and Hope Hall is open, you will have to make a prudent decision whether to bring your child to school. If it is possible to bring your child to school, please do so.
    5. If Hope Hall is open and you do not bring your child to school please call and let us know of your decision.
    6. Our school is open at 7:30 A.M. each morning.
    7. In case of bad weather: after 6 A.M., listen to these Radio or TV stations to find out if Hope Hall School will be closed because of dangerous snow conditions.

If you do not hear our name then we are not closed.

*All other policies and procedures can be found in the 2021-2022 Parent Guide Book.