Praise for Perseverance in May Newsletter
Praise for Perseverance in May Newsletter

In May’s newsletter, Sister Diana talks about how the COVID pandemic has tested the perseverance of all of us. She offers guidance to encourage our children’s perseverance, and suggestions for each of us to make a conscious effort to build our own perseverance and strength.

The issue also covers:

  • The final group of this year’s Hastings Scholars
  • Our students’ return to full-time, in-person learning
  • How Hope Hall’s fifth graders “Do the Write Thing”
  • Joe and Paul Conroy’s receipt of the “Do the Right Thing” Award
  • How YOU can participate in this year’s Walk for Hope
  • An Alumni Spotlight
  • Staff Shoutouts
  • The Hope Heroes Toast for Hope Gala

By the way, be sure to check out how the whole community can get involved with this year’s Walk for Hope!

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