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Students in Hope Hall's Classroom

Wellness Program


Hope Hall recognizes the importance of the body/mind connection in the development and wellness of each individual; therefore, we place high value on nutrition education, physical activity, and healthy nutritional practices and strive to provide each student with opportunities that promote life – long wellness.

Participation in Hope Hall’s Wellness Program is encouraged. Any ideas, concerns, comments, etc. can be shared at the Hope Hall School Wellness Team quarterly meetings.

Hope Hall School Wellness Committee

Hope Hall’s Wellness Committee is composed of the Athletic Director, Cafeteria Coordinator, School Counselors, School Nurse, Principals, student(s) and parent(s). The School Wellness Committee develops plans to meet goals in the areas of nutrition education, physical activities, and healthy nutritional practices. The Committee submits annual reports on progress in these areas for review by the Executive Director and the Finance Director. The primary function of the Executive Director and Finance Director is to ensure goals are being met and ensure compliance with the Federal and State guidelines for school wellness.


  1. Provide opportunities for physical activity for each student that exceeds the present physical education program;
  2. Ensure that each student is provided nutrition education;
  3. Promote use of healthy snacks that follow guidelines of the “Choose Sensibly Guidelines” developed by the School Nutrition Association (SNA);
  4. Provide families with a list of recommendations for party foods and end the use of food from home for birthday parties and other celebrations;
  5. Encourage the use of non-food reinforcements for student rewards;
  6. Ensure healthy food choices for students at all food servings including breakfast, lunch, sporting events, classroom celebrations, food offerings at all other times when food is served;
  7. Conduct an annual assessment of activities in the area of nutrition education, physical activities and healthy nutritional practices;
  8. Monitor school fund raisers involving food sales or food rewards to ensure compliance with the guidelines for offering nutritional choices.

Upcoming Hope Hall School Wellness Committee Meetings

For information on the Wellness Committee, please contact Alicia Hart, Director of Finance and Human Resources: (585) 426-0210 Ext. 110 or

Activities We’ve Initiated:

  1. Prepare a “healthy choices” bulletin board;
  2. Provide a 20 minute recess every day, outdoors, weather permitting, for all students in the elementary and middle school.
  3. Continue to sponsor “anyone can participate”  intramural sport opportunities and promote student participation;
  4. Promote healthy food choices at breakfast, lunch, classroom celebrations, and fundraisers;
  5. Sponsor Annual Walk For Hope Fundraiser with students, families and staff participation;
  6. Promote Run Club to all students and staff participation;
  7. Other activities as determined by the School Wellness Team


Cooking with your child can be very rewarding; especially when you see how it can change their own perception of food. Healthy recipes full of wholesome ingredients can be prepared in ways that kids can enjoy—and they can have fun doing it. You and your child, besides preparing something to eat that day; will make memories that can be shared a lifetime.

Helpful Healthy Eating Tools for Students and Families

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