Sports Program
Sports Program



EFFORT                 TEAMWORK           COMMITMENT

Front Row (left to right): Jaden Cruz, Owen Acciari, Corey Minor, Jacolby Terrell, Tyler Gagner, and Charlie Schaffer

Back Row (left to right): Mr. Droegmoeller, Aaron Kendall, Casan Curry, Josh Madden, Ivory Members, Noah Barclay, Raymond Mateo, Menetor Viator, E.J. Walker, and Mr. Zehr


The High School boys’ basketball team won their final game of the season on 3/12/19.  It was their 12th win of season and it was the ending to an amazing season.

The Blackhawks finished with an overall record of 12 wins and 1 loss.  The 12 wins is a School Record.  The high school boys’ basketball team consistently demonstrated great effort, teamwork, and commitment throughout the 2018-2019 season.  They have made our school very proud and have earned a reputation as being resilient, respectful, and hardworking.

Special thanks to the staff/faculty basketball volunteers: Jacelyn Droegmoeller, Nick Schaller, and Kara Eaker.

We believe that athletics is an important component of the educational experience.  Each athletic activity is structured to teach the fundamentals of the specific sport.  Athletic Program objectives include: understanding the importance of personal fitness, commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship, and giving your best effort.  Each of our Hope Hall student-athletes represented our school with respect and pride.  These student-athletes include:


Fall Sports: September-October

2018-2019 Soccer Participants: Grades 5-8

  1. Anisah Nazario
  2. Jase Raymond
  3. James Searight
  4. Mikayla Metz
  5. Diamond Hamasaki
  6. Chris Cruz
  7. Lena Hayes
  8. Chase Danylak
  9. Nathan Yohon
  10. Billy Bosley
  11. Gustavo Mateo
  12. Konnor McDermott
  13. Yasir Price
  14. Sam Brown
  15. Chris Brown
  16. Rafael Senior
  17. Robert Gonzalez
  18. John Conte
  19. Xavier Drumgoole
  20. Ashley Ocasio

Coaches: Mr. Zehr and Mr. Droegmoeller


2018-2019 Soccer Participants: High School

  1. Corey Minor
  2. Grace Magar
  3. Aaron Kendall
  4. Chris Rothfuss
  5. Jessica Myers
  6. Nevin Snyder
  7. Jacolby Terrell
  8. Casan Curry
  9. Hyacinth Wilmot

Coaches: Mr. Zehr and Mr. Droegmoeller


2018-2019 Run Club: Grades 2-12

  1. Anisah Nazario
  2. Grace Magar
  3. Kieran Peck
  4. Jase Raymond
  5. James Searight
  6. Andrew Rumble
  7. Genevieve Acciari
  8. Ava Hayes
  9. Lena Hayes
  10. Chase Danylak
  11. Jessica Myers
  12. Gustavo Mateo
  13. Alexander Lieberman
  14. Ricky Ferrari
  15. Ethan Allchin

Coaches: Mr. Zehr


Winter Sports: November-April

High School Boys Basketball

Team Managers: Sam Brown and Chris Brown

  1. Raymond Mateo
  2. Corey Minor
  3. Aaron Kendall
  4. Owen Acciari
  5. Jaden Cruz
  6. Menetor Viator
  7. Ivory Members
  8. Noah Barclay
  9. J. Walker
  10. Charlie Schaffer
  11. Jacolby Terrell
  12. Casan Curry
  13. Josh Madden
  14. Tyler Gagner

Coaches: Mr. Zehr and Mr. Droegmoeller


5-8 Boys Basketball

  1. Jase Raymond
  2. Matthew Dengler
  3. Angus Henry
  4. Nelson Golden
  5. Gustavo Mateo
  6. Robert Gonzalez
  7. Jackson Gard
  8. Billy Bosley
  9. George Ziegler
  10. Davion Bedell
  11. Nathan Yohon
  12. Rafael Senior
  13. Chris Brown
  14. Aiden Marshall
  15. Aidan Wrench
  16. J. Hawkes
  17. Sam Brown
  18. Troy Starkweather
  19. Xavier Drumgoole
  20. Chase Danylak
  21. Melvin Torres

Coaches: Mr. Zehr and Mr. Droegmoeller


Girls Basketball

  1. Penny Tamang
  2. Grace Magar
  3. Hyacinth Wilmot
  4. Jessica Myers
  5. Teaha Williams
  6. Lena Hayes
  7. Ava Hayes
  8. Arianna Bertolino
  9. Cettalynn Leverenz
  10. Isabelle McCown

Coaches: Mr. Zehr and Mrs. Esposito


For more information about Hope Hall Athletics Programs, please email our Athletic Director, Mr. Jim Zehr, at