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Student Development

Student Development

Physical Development 

GOAL:  Our students will develop a sense of pride in themselves,  and respect for their own body as well as for all life.

OBJECTIVES:  To achieve this goal, we:

  1. Involve the students in a wide range of physical activity/exercise designed to promote fitness.
  2. Provide nutritious choices for snacks and help students make healthy choices when deciding on food.
  3. Provide a sports program which allows all students to participate, regardless of ability or skill level.
  4. Make use of a wide variety of community resources to allow students to experience such forms of physical activity as yoga and dance.
  5. Teach students how to recognize and use non-violent ways of interacting with others.

Spiritual Development

*Hope Hall is a non-sectarian school.*

GOAL:  Our students will develop their own sense of spirituality.

OBJECTIVES:  To achieve this goal we …

  1. Empower our students with a sense of the uniqueness and goodness of each individual.
  2. Teach value-centered, non-violent approaches to problem solving.
  3. Encourage community service involving both students and faculty in meeting the needs of others.
  4. Show students how to participate responsibly in the use and care of the earth, and to see themselves as global citizens.