Hope Hall 2023 Prom: A Red Carpet Affair

Our thanks to our incredible Prom Committee, all of the volunteers who assisted on the event, and to the PTSO who helped make Hope Hall’s 2023 High School Prom a Red Carpet Event!

IMG_2526 red
IMG_2545 red
IMG_2593 red
IMG_2458 red
IMG_2450 red
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IMG_2553 red
IMG_2576 red
IMG_2532 red
IMG_2583 red
IMG_2503 red
IMG_2597 red
IMG_2479 red
IMG_2565 red
IMG_2598 red
IMG_2539 red
IMG_2487 red
IMG_2636 red
IMG_2719 red
IMG_2668 red
IMG_2558 red
IMG_2633 red
IMG_2608 red
IMG_2599 red
IMG_2619 red
IMG_2610 red
IMG_2623 red
IMG_2600 red
IMG_2737 red
IMG_2796 red
IMG_2799 red
IMG_2763 red
IMG_2701 red
IMG_2746 red
IMG_2677 red
IMG_2692 red
IMG_2716 red
IMG_2698 red
IMG_2712 red
IMG_2744 red
IMG_2728 red
IMG_2742 red
IMG_2810 red
IMG_2622 red
IMG_2657 red
IMG_2641 red
IMG_2696 red
IMG_2715 red
IMG_2607 red
IMG_2772 red
IMG_2755 red
IMG_2656 red
IMG_2765 red
IMG_2653 red
IMG_2804 red
IMG_2709 red
IMG_2708 red
IMG_2560 red
IMG_2718 red
IMG_2616 red
IMG_2568 red
IMG_2473 red
IMG_2508 red
IMG_2514 red
IMG_2505 red
IMG_2719 red
IMG_2607 red
IMG_2517 red
IMG_2485 red
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