December Newsletter: Being Connected: We Are the Light, We Are the Hope

In December’s Newsletter, Sister Diana talks about the fact that isolation has become a way of life, and she encourages connection and community. She goes on to point out that “It is not by accident that candles and light play a big part in this time of year,” including Advent candles, Hanukkah candles, and Kwanzaa candles, to pierce the darkness, both environmental and societal.

She goes on to say each of us has the ability to become “points of light and hope,” connecting people, acting in positive, selfless ways, and becoming a force for good.

Also in this issue, you will find:

  • Hope Hall Alumni Success Stories
  • Information and a Discount Coupon for the One-Day Hope Hall Woodworking Sale
  • Activities around School
  • Making Hope Hall Accessible through QR Codes and ASL
  • Two Army Helicopter Pilots Visit Hope Hall for Veterans Day
  • How Does Hope Hall’s Garden Grow
  • A Future Filled with Hope through Hope Hall’s Annual Appeal
  • Save the Date for Experience Italy on March 12