A Special Thank You to Do-ers of Good – Summer Newsletter

A Special Thanks to the Do-ers of Good

June 11, 2022

In Hope Hall’s Summer Newsletter, Sister Diana thanks all the Do-ers of Good who helped make our 2022 Walk for Hope so incredibly successful. In her eloquent words,

“We know that love is stronger than hate, and good is stronger than evil, so all of these actions put so much good into our world, and helped us to raise $46,544.23 to support our operating budget and provide our students with a school in which they can thrive.”

In this issue, we feature photos from the Walk for Hope, as well as:

  • A list of the “Sole Mates” and supporters of our Walk for Hope
  • Pictures and a post about the send-off we gave our Class of 2022, along with Graduation Photos. (P.S. In case you’d like to see more photos, the Senior Speeches, or the Graduation Ceremony itself, click here). 
  • Photos and fun from the High School Prom (for more photos, visit our facebook album)
  • How the Hayes Sisters Made a Slam Dunk for Charity
  • An update on our Sold Out Hope Hopes Golf Tournament
  • How you can support Hope Hall’s Sports Program through “A Community Thrives” fundraising initiative.
  • An announcement of our Emcee for the Toast for Hope Gala