May News – Our Students Need Some “Sole Mates”

In May’s newsletter, there’s a strong focus on this year’s Walk for Hope. Sister Diana talks about the importance of Sole Mates — our wonderful friends who help support our students in their Walk for Hope by donating to support individual students or classes in their fundraising efforts. You’ll also find additional ways in which you can participate…through being an individual or Community Partner or by donating gift cards to places students love, to be used as prizes.  All of these options are so important this year because all of the money raised supports our Hope for Tomorrow Campaign, enabling the school’s expansion, renovation and enhancement to programming.

You’ll also find:

  •  “The Hope for Tomorrow Campaign is Music to Our Students’ Ears,” in which we share information on how the music room and program will be enhanced by the renovation.
  • An article about Career Week at Hope Hall, and the visitors who came in to share insights about various career opportunities.
  • “Readers Theater, A Mesopotamian Myth,” in which Mr. Carman uses the Dolce Method of Learning Mastery® to teach social studies curriculum about the ancient world
  • An Alumni Spotlight on Georgia Dunn,  Class of 2020, who just graduated from Continental School of Beauty
  •  Registration and Sponsorship Information on the High Hopes Golf Tournament (Register quickly, as the field is already 2/3 full!)
  • A Poem of Thanks to our Amazing Volunteers