November Is Gratitude Month!

In November’s newsletter, Sister Diana points out that, in spite of all that is happening in the world that may be bringing us down, focusing on things and people we are grateful for helps alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety and helps bring HOPE. 

During the month of November, she will be encouraging our students to develop a habit of gratitude by listing 5 things for which they are grateful each night before they go to sleep, and by thinking of 5 things for which they are grateful before they leave school for home at the end of each day. 

She encourages all of us to do the same to reinforce and bring Hope into our lives.

You’ll also find:

  • A spotlight on two of our alumni
  • An update on our Gala, and a thanks to all who contributed
  • An inspiring excerpt from our Gala Parent Speaker, Roxanne Henry
  • A Thanksgiving Blessing
  • An article on an innovative strategy one of our teachers is using to teach history
  • A Flyer and reminder about our Poinsettia Sale (You can also find the flyer here)
  • A reminder of Hope Hall’s Woodworking Sale on December 10

Click on the newsletter below to download a copy.