The Gift of Poetry

The day before Christmas break, students and staff gathered in three separate groups to avoid crowding, in Hope Hall’s Cafeteria for the school’s first-ever Poetry Slam. The event was the brainchild of Ms. Megan Combs, and was a collaborative project of the entire ELA team, who worked with students to explore the various elements of poetry, including rhyme, figurative language, similes, metaphors and imagery. It was made even more festive with the addition of popcorn and cocoa, that everyone enjoyed!

While a few of the students developed pieces they’d already had in the works, for most students,  this was an opportunity to explore new territory, without fear of ridicule. The event gave each
student an opportunity to use their voice in self-expression, and to feel empowered.

In the booklet below, you’ll find an assortment of Acrostic, Blackout and Free Style poetry created by Hope Hall students, along with photos from the event. Click here to view our facebook album to view additional photos. 

Many thanks to all the students who participated and to the teachers who worked with them for this event, sharing the gift of poetry with the school.