“Springing for Hope” – Grade 12A’s Walk for Hope Fundraising Project

Ms. Shelby Dunning’s 12A Math class decided they wanted to do a fundraiser for Hope Hall’s Walk for Hope, which will take place at school on Thursday, May 25. This was the perfect opportunity for Ms. Dunning to collaborate with Ms. Kayla Swan on a cross-curriculum unit combining measurements and fractions with marketing for a  real-world, hands-on initiative to support the fundraiser in which all of the students are involved in raising funds for the school.  Many students point to the Walk for Hope as one of their favorite activities of the year.

In December, this same class had great success with a fundraising project for the Senior Class that they did in December, where they used their measurement skills to create delicious “Reindeer Cookie” recipes in a jar. These sold out before noon at Hope Hall’s Woodworking Sale!

In advance of starting the creation of these projects, the students presented a business plan to Sister Diana for approval, which she readily approved.

The students are currently working to produce a variety of products ranging from wrist and neck lanyards to Hope Ribbons and Coffee Koozies, using their measurement skills, fabric donated to the class by Mrs. McLean, and new sewing skills they are learning from BOCES teacher, Mrs. Sharon Ashrafian.

These items will be on sale in the school parking lot at 1612 Buffalo Road on Friday May 12 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. The sale is open to the public and to the Hope Hall Community. 

If you cannot make the sale, or your prefer to pre-order your items, available in multiple colors and patterns, you can use the QR code on the flyer below right (simply click on it for the full-size pdf), or follow this link to make your choice in advance of the sale. 

All proceeds from this sale will be split equally among the 8 students who have contributed to this project to support their Walk for Hope fundraising.

IMG_2036 red
Springing for Hope Flyer red