During May, Our Students Need “Sole Mates”

In May’s newsletter, Sister Diana departs from her traditional format to ask for community assistance in support of Hope Hall’s Walk for Hope, that takes place each May.  This year, the school Walk for Hope will take place on Thursday, March 26. Each student and staff member participates in the Walk for Hope, and all money raised — each person strives to raise $100 or more–goes directly to helping Hope Hall’s students.

Sister Diana invites Members of the Community to participate in any of the following ways:

  • Doing a fundraising walk as an individual, or as part of a team any time during the month of May
  • Setting up a fundraising page to help Hope Hall raise funds for its students
  • Sponsoring a student who may have a challenge being able to raise $100 for the walk
  • Donating a gift card in an amount between $5 and $25 to be used as a thank you gift for those who achieve success in reaching or exceeding their goal of $100.

A form for donations and more information is included in the newsletter.

In addition, the newsletter features:

  • How the Fifth Grade Class has created micro-businesses to raise money for the Walk for Hope
  • A Science Project in which students practice sustainability in upcycling paper to become books
  • A Video Story Project in which 9th Grade ELA students collaborated to write a story of the Underground Railroad
  • The making of a new video series called “The Hope Hall Difference” to promote Hope Hall to new audiences
  • Letters from the Heart, in which students share their experience about attending Hope Hall versus other schools
  • A registration opportunity for the High Hopes Golf Tournament (Register soon! Foursomes are filling quickly!)
  • How to donate to Hope Hall through United Way