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Annual Appeal 2021

Annual Appeal 2021

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” ~Christopher Reeve

Over the past two years, we as a world, a nation, and a community, have all developed a greater appreciation for ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things.

The difference these ordinary heroes made during difficult times is immeasurable.

For many of us, we have never before faced obstacles so persistent and unrelenting as we have over the last couple of years. But, for students at Hope Hall, students born with neurological and/or medical conditions that create barriers to learning, every day is a challenge.

Furthermore, these challenges do not go away. Our students will live with them for the rest of their lives. They face them at home, in the classroom, in their social lives, and, eventually, in the workforce.

BUT, at Hope Hall, we teach our students the skills they need in order to overcome these challenges. AND, we teach more than just academics. We teach character and values: perseverance, sacrifice, courage, honesty and integrity, to name a few. These values have given our students the skills needed to overcome obstacles and succeed, in the classroom and beyond.

But, our students cannot achieve this without YOU. Hope Hall receives no funding from the school districts and government sources. Donor support is vital to maintain the unique, high-quality education our students need. When generous people like you give to our annual fund drive, you become a hero for students with learning challenges.


Thank you for helping us teach our children to persevere and believe in themselves. Thank you for participating in the miracle that is Hope Hall. Your gift today will truly provide our students a Future Full of Hope.

P.S. Your gift goes directly to Hope Hall’s unique educational model. Despite the fact that 100% of our students have learning challenges, over 50% live in poverty, and over 85% of them face serious financial hardship, we have a consistent 100% graduation rate.