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Director's Message

Director’s Message

This is the story of 150 children who, once upon a time, thought that they didn’t matter and school was not a place for them. Everything about school – in those darker days – told them they didn’t belong, they didn’t fit.

Then one day they found hope, and a school created just for them. The children found out that they could learn just as well as everyone else. They just learned differently. They discovered that different is good, and they were embraced by teachers, staff, and volunteers who believed, with all their heart, that the students do belong and they do matter. Together, the children, the staff and the volunteers created the wonderful community of learners in this school that bears the name Hope.

As Executive Director and Founder of Hope Hall, I am honored to share this wonderful journey of hope with our students. And I am equally grateful to be able to offer you a glimpse into the Hope Hall experience through the pages of our website. Thank you for stopping by – and please visit us often!


Sister Diana Dolce, S.S.J.
Executive Director & Founder